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Professional Quality Vet Bedding, Regal/Lime tartan


High quality professional grade Vet bed, Blue with Black paw print

Our product is manufactured in the UK to high exacting standards, it is used by Vets, Breeders and Kennels throughout the country & unlike the cheap Chinese imports that are highly inferior, produced from the cheapest materials to get the lowest price which impacts on the quality of the end product.

Unlike other cheap imitations this product withstands machine washing up to 90°C without the colour bleeding or the fleece going bobbly and twisted.

We have wash tested this product over several weeks to ensure that it meets the highest standards that we require before we would sell to customers.

There is a non-slip backing that provides traction for puppies when they begin to walk, it drys quickly, allows fluids to soak through keeping the fleece dry and warm for the pets comfort. It is non allergenic, non toxic, non irritant and is not easily chewed. It is also easy to cut and resize into smaller pieces.


Size: 100cm x 75cm


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